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Boho Grunge

If you are anything like me who loves everything chic but a little tom boyish at heart, then you will love the grunge boho style. It is more bold, punk and rock n roll than the original boho look, with tough leather jackets, bold jewelry, and black boots that conveys the grunge “don’t care” attitude really well. Outfit–  Dress- Forever 21 maxi // Jacket- Shein // Bag- Micheal Kors (last seen here and here)// Shoes- Jefferey Campbell (on sale) // Necklace- 1, 2 // Cuff- 1,2…

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Ethnic Embroidered Trend

Finding a good hand embroidery piece here in states is next to impossible but thanks to revolving fashion trends for bringing back this ancient trend to west. Today, handmade and handcrafted things are not overrated but appreciated by both designers and consumers alike. It’s the best time of…

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Popsicle Print dress in 2 ways

Nothing screams much Summer to me than a white dress with a rainbow of Popsicles on it. I am always been a fan of classic shirt dresses but a printed one is a nice yum touch. After all, a perfect summer…


Jcrew Midi Skirt

I hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was jam-packed with food, sleep, and re-watching Game of Thrones. It’s great how much you pick up by watching GOT for the second time. The best feeling of it is seeing your favorite characters alive, breathing…

Currently Craving

Currently Craving- Oxford Shoes

I’ve always loved menswear inspired clothing for women- oxford shoes, slip on’s, button down shirts, joggers, khakis, and boy style jeans. They are my go to style when I am off duty, esp while travelling and running errands. On the other…

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Trending Now- White on White

Memorial day marks the official start to Summer and to wear Whites. Not that I follow fashion rules, but White is one of my favorite colors to wear in any season, and an all white look is more statement and bright…

Hot Deals

Memorial Day Weekend Deals

Hello Lovelies, I hope everyone’s having a great long weekend and a happy sale shopping time. I swear by online shopping when it comes to long weekends as I love to see places, visit my friends/ family rather standing in checkout lines in stores and…


Lilac and Roses

Growing up, I have always loved lilac color dresses as they were cute and Barbie like but now,when I dig my wardrobe, I hardly find them (only this) cause the pretty one’s are hard to come by, you have to wait for the right season (Spring), when…

Style Guide

Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

The weather has been very unpredictable lately (like always), it is darling one day (sunny) and the other day it’s all wet and wild. Not that, I am complaining (like always), I love changing my wardrobe as per the season…